The UpdateListItems operation is used to make inserts, updates, and deletions to specified list items in a list.

 <wsdl:operation name="UpdateListItems">
     <wsdl:input message="UpdateListItemsSoapIn" />
     <wsdl:output message="UpdateListItemsSoapOut" />

The protocol client sends an UpdateListItemsSoapIn request message (section and the protocol server responds with an UpdateListItemsSoapOut response message (section, as follows:

  1. If the specified listName is a valid GUID and corresponds to the identification of a list on the site, use that list.

  2. If the specified listName is not a valid GUID or does not correspond to the identification of a list on the site, check if the listName corresponds to the list title of a list on the site and if so, use that list.

  3. If listName does not correspond to a list from either of these checks, the protocol server SHOULD<84> return a SOAP fault with error code 0x82000006. This indicates that the list does not exist or might have been deleted by another user.

  4. If listName is an empty string, the server SHOULD<85> return the SOAP fault: "Cannot access a closed Stream".

  5. Otherwise, the protocol server MUST process the batched operations on the list, and return success or failure conditions per each operation.