The WM/MediaClassSecondaryID attribute contains the GUID of the secondary media class.

Global Constant


Data Type



This attribute should be set to one of the values in the following table.

Secondary class GUID Description
"E0236BEB-C281-4EDE-A36D-7AF76A3D45B5"Use for audio book files.
"3A172A13-2BD9-4831-835B-114F6A95943F"Use for audio files that contain spoken word, but are not audio books. For example, stand-up comedy routines.
"6677DB9B-E5A0-4063-A1AD-ACEB52840CF1"Use for audio files related to news.
"1B824A67-3F80-4E3E-9CDE-F7361B0F5F1B"Use for audio files with talk show content.
"1FE2E091-4E1E-40CE-B22D-348C732E0B10"Use for video files related to news.
"D6DE1D88-C77C-4593-BFBC-9C61E8C373E3"Use for video files containing Web-based shows, short films, movie trailers, and so on. This is the general identifier for video entertainment that does not fit into another category.
"00033368-5009-4AC3-A820-5D2D09A4E7C1"Use for audio files containing sound clips from games.
"F24FF731-96FC-4D0F-A2F5-5A3483682B1A"Use for audio files containing complete songs from game sound tracks. If only part of a song is encoded in the file, use the identifier for game sound clips instead.
"E3E689E2-BA8C-4330-96DF-A0EEEFFA6876"Use for video files containing music videos.
"B76628F4-300D-443D-9CB5-01C285109DAF"Use for video files containing general home video.
"A9B87FC9-BD47-4BF0-AC4F-655B89F7D868"Use for video files containing feature films.
"BA7F258A-62F7-47A9-B21F-4651C42A000E"Use for video files containing television shows. For Web-based shows, use the more generic identifier.
"44051B5B-B103-4B5C-92AB-93060A9463F0"Use for video files containing corporate video. For example, recorded meetings or training videos.
"0B710218-8C0C-475E-AF73-4C41C0C8F8CE"Use for video files containing home video made from photographs.


When specifying a secondary class identifier, the file should also contain a primary clas identifier attribute.

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