mciSendString Errors
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mciSendString Errors

The following errors are returned by the mciSendString function but not by mciSendCommand:

Value Meaning
MCIERR_BAD_CONSTANTThe value specified for a parameter is unknown.
MCIERR_BAD_INTEGERAn integer in the command was invalid or missing.
MCIERR_DUPLICATE_FLAGSA flag or value was specified twice.
MCIERR_MISSING_COMMAND_STRINGNo command was specified.
MCIERR_MISSING_DEVICE_NAMENo device name was specified.
MCIERR_MISSING_STRING_ARGUMENTA string value was missing from the command.
MCIERR_NEW_REQUIRES_ALIASAn alias must be used with the "new" device name.
MCIERR_NO_CLOSING_QUOTEA closing quotation mark is missing.
MCIERR_NOTIFY_ON_AUTO_OPENThe "notify" flag is illegal with auto-open.
MCIERR_PARAM_OVERFLOWThe output string was not long enough.
MCIERR_PARSER_INTERNALAn internal parser error occurred.
MCIERR_UNRECOGNIZED_KEYWORDAn unknown command parameter was specified.




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