Dataset Properties

Use this page of the Report Wizard to select a data set for the report.

For more information on designing reports using the Report Wizard, see Creating Client Report Definitions Using the Visual Studio Report Wizard.


Type the name of the dataset you want to use in this report.

Data source

Select from a list of DataSet that are already configured in your project.


Click this button to run the Data Source Configuration Wizard. The wizard guides you through the steps to add a data source for the report. For more information, see Data Source Configuration Wizard.

After you complete the wizard, you will return to the Dataset Properties page.

Available datasets

Select a DataTable object that is already configured and associated with the DataSet you select in the Data source drop-down list. Once you make the selection, the table shows the name and type of each field in the selected DataTable.

Field Name

The name of the data field.

Type Name

The type of the data field.