Obtaining Information About Compressors and Decompressors

The following example uses the ICGetInfo function to obtain information about a compressor or decompressor.

ICGetInfo(hIC, &ICInfo, sizeof(ICInfo)); 

The following example uses the ICGetDefaultKeyFrameRate and ICGetDefaultQuality macros to obtain the default values.

DWORD dwKeyFrameRate, dwQuality; 
dwKeyFrameRate = ICGetDefaultKeyFrameRate(hIC); 
dwQuality = ICGetDefaultQuality(hIC); 

The following example uses the ICQueryAbout and ICAbout macros to display an About dialog box for the compressor or decompressor, if the dialog box exists.

// If the compressor has an About dialog box, display it.

if ( ICQueryAbout(hIC)) ICAbout(hIC, hwndApp);