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MergeRuntimeVariables Method

RuntimeOps.MergeRuntimeVariables Method

This API supports the .NET Framework infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

Note: This API is now obsolete.

Combines two runtime variable lists and returns a new list.

Namespace:  System.Runtime.CompilerServices
Assembly:  System.Core (in System.Core.dll)

[ObsoleteAttribute("do not use this method", true)]
public static IRuntimeVariables MergeRuntimeVariables(
	IRuntimeVariables first,
	IRuntimeVariables second,
	int[] indexes


Type: System.Runtime.CompilerServices.IRuntimeVariables
The first list.
Type: System.Runtime.CompilerServices.IRuntimeVariables
The second list.
Type: System.Int32[]
The index array indicating which list to get variables from.

Return Value

Type: System.Runtime.CompilerServices.IRuntimeVariables
The merged runtime variables.


Obsolete (does not compile) in 4 and later

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