Measurement(MeasurementType) Class

Represents a length value and display. This class is abstract.

Namespace: Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes
Assembly: Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes (in Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes.dll) Version: (1.15.1003.9505)

generic<typename MeasurementType>
public ref class Measurement abstract : public HealthRecordItemData


HealthVault measurements are composed of the value and a display value. All values are stored in a base unit for that type of measurement. An application can take a value using any scale the application chooses and can store the user- entered value as the display value, but the measurement value must be converted to the appropriate base unit to be stored in HealthVault. This abstract base class defines an interface from which all measurements derive. The Value property's type varies according to the derived class definition and affects the base unit for that type. See the documentation for the derived class for more information on the base unit type for that measurement.