We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Retrieves the children of the symbol that are valid at a specified virtual address.

HRESULT findChildrenExByVA ( 
   enum SymTagEnum   symtag,
   LPCOLESTR         name,
   DWORD             compareFlags,
   DWORD             address,
   IDiaEnumSymbols** ppResult


[in] Specifies the symbol tags of the children to be retrieved, as defined in the SymTagEnum. Set to SymTagNull for all children to be retrieved.


[in] Specifies the name of the children to be retrieved. Set to NULL for all children to be retrieved.


[in] Specifies the comparison options to be applied to name matching. Values from the NameSearchOptions enumeration can be used alone or in combination.


[in] Specifies the virtual address.


[out] Returns an IDiaEnumSymbols object that contains a list of the child symbols retrieved.

Returns S_OK if at least one child of the symbol was found, or returns S_FALSE if no children were found; otherwise, returns an error code.

The local symbols that are returned include live range information.

Header: Dia2.h

Library: diaguids.lib

DLL: msdia100.dll