This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Built-in Activities

This topic applies to Windows Workflow Foundation 4 (WF4).

This section contains samples that demonstrate built-in Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) activities.

In This Section

Fault Handling in a Flowchart Activity Using TryCatch
Demonstrates how the TryCatch activity can be used within a complex control flow activity.

Emulating breaking in a While activity
Demonstrates how to break the looping mechanism of the following activities: DoWhile, ForEach, While, and ParallelForEach.

DynamicActivity Creation
Demonstrates two different ways to create an activity at runtime using the DynamicActivity activity.

Using Variables with a .NET Framework 3.5 Ruleset
Demonstrates how to create a workflow that uses the Interop activity to integrate a custom activity written in .NET Framework 3.5 that uses policy and rules.

Load From XAML
Demonstrates how to dynamically load a XAML workflow without having to run the XamlBuildTask tool.

Using Collection Activities
Demonstrates how to use the collection activities (AddToCollection, ClearCollection, ExistsInCollection, and RemoveFromCollection) with a class that implements the ICollection interface and how to create a custom activity that iterates over a collection to print out the contents of each element in the collection.

Using the InvokeMethod Activity
Demonstrates how to use the InvokeMethod activity to invoke public methods in public classes.

Using the Pick Activity
Demonstrates how to use the Pick activity.

Using Procedural Activities
Demonstrates how to use the Sequence, Assign, If, While, Switch, TryCatch, and WriteLine activities to implement a guessing game.

Using CancellationScope
Demonstrates how to use the CancellationScope activity to cancel work in an application.

Demonstrates the different ways to use the InvokeMethod activity to invoke methods of a class.

Usage of the Switch Activity with Custom Types
Describes how to enable a Switch activity to evaluate a user-defined complex type at runtime.

Interop with 3.5 Rule Set
Demonstrates the use of the Interop activity to integrate with a custom activity in .NET Framework 3.5 using PolicyActivity and rules.

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