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MSDN Library

Basic [WCF Samples]

This section includes sections of samples that demonstrate basic Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)functionality.

Getting Started Sample

Demonstrates how to implement a typical service and a typical client using WCF.


Demonstrates Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.

Binding [WCF Samples]

Demonstrates using the binding attribute of an endpoint element.


Demonstrates WCF client applications.

Contract [WCF Samples]

Demonstrates data contracts.

Discovery (Samples)

Demonstrates WCF discovery.

Management [WCF Samples]

Demonstrates WCF management.

Routing Services [WCF Samples]

Demonstrates WCF routing services.

Security [from BPUEDev11]

Demonstrates WCF security.

Services [WCF Samples]

Demonstrates WCF services.


DemonstratesWCF syndication.

Web [WCF Samples]

Demonstrates Web-hosting in WCF.

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