BDA Filters

The following table lists the DirectShow filters that are used in the Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA).

Filter Description
BDA IP Sink Delivers IP data to Winsock in BDA as well as non-BDA filter graphs.
BDA MPE Filter Extracts the IP packets from the MPE frames and delivers them to BDA IP Sink and ultimately on to Winsock.
BDA MPEG-2 Transport Information Filter Parses MPEG-2 DVB and ATSC tables and provides the information to the Network Provider.
BDA Network Provider Source filter in all BDA filter graphs.
BDA SLIP Deframer Used in either BDA or non-BDA analog television graphs where SLIP de-framing of IP data is required.
MPEG-2 Sections and Tables Receives PSI tables from an MPEG-2 transport stream.
NABTS/FEC VBI Codec Filter Processes captured VBI lines and distributes decoded and/or forward-error-corrected SLIP packets containing NABTS data downstream to the BDA SLIP Deframer, the BDA IP Sink and ultimately to Winsock.
VBICodec Filter Slices raw digitized data from the vertical blanking interval (VBI).


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