How to: Add a Data Service Reference (WCF Data Services)

You can use the Add Service Reference dialog in Visual Studio to add a reference to WCF Data Services. This enables you to more easily access a data service in a client application that you develop in Visual Studio. When you complete this procedure, data classes are generated based on metadata that is obtained from the data service. For more information, see Generating the Client Data Service Classes (WCF Data Services).

To add a data service reference

  1. (Optional) If the data service is not part of the solution and is not already running, start the data service and note the URI of the data service.

  2. Right-click the client project and then select Add Service Reference.

  3. If the data service is part of the current solution, click Discover.


    In the Address text box, type the base URL of the data service, such as http://localhost:1234/Northwind.svc, and then click Go.

  4. Click OK.

    This adds a new code file that contains the data classes that are used to access and interact with data service resources as objects.