Converting to ASP.NET 4

The topics in this section describe how to migrate to ASP.NET version 4 from previous ASP.NET versions. The .NET Framework 4 provides a high degree of backward compatibility. Most applications created by using the .NET Framework 2.0, the .NET Framework 3.0, or the .NET Framework 3.5 will run on the .NET Framework 4 with minimal modifications.

For information about how to migrate from platforms other than ASP or ASP.NET, see Videos on Migrating to ASP.NET on the ASP.NET Web site.

How to: Upgrade an ASP.NET Web Application to ASP.NET 4

Explains how to upgrade a Web application to the .NET Framework 4 manually or by using Visual Studio.

Converting to ASP.NET 3.5

Provides information about how to convert ASP.NET applications to the .NET Framework 3.5.

Converting to ASP.NET 2.0

Provides information about how to convert ASP and ASP.NET applications to the .NET Framework 2.0.

ASP.NET Web Projects

Explains how to create Web applications by using ASP.NET.