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Returns a const iterator that points to the first element in the range.

const_iterator cbegin() const;

A const random-access iterator that points to the first element of the range, or the location just beyond the end of an empty range (for an empty range, cbegin() == cend()).

cbegin is used for read-only access with const_iterators.

You can use this member function in place of the begin() member function to guarantee that the return value is const_iterator. Typically, it's used in conjunction with the auto type deduction keyword, as shown in the following example. In the example, consider Container to be a modifiable (non-const) container of any kind that supports begin() and cbegin().

auto i1 = Container.begin();  // i1 is Container<T>::iterator 
auto i2 = Container.cbegin(); // i2 is Container<T>::const_iterator

Header: <vector>

Namespace: std

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