This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Use Legacy MSBuild Builds Using the Upgrade Template

You can use the upgrade template to continue to use legacy build definitions in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010. Specifically, you can use this template to run the following kinds of build objects:

  • Build definitions that were created by using Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server.

  • Build types that were created by using Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server.

When you first upgrade to Team Foundation Server 2010, the system automatically creates an Upgrade Template build definition for each legacy build definition and each build type that is in your deployment.

You can customize some aspects of your legacy build definitions by using the Upgrade template. However, you must make some types of changes by modifying the TFSBuild.proj file.

Common tasks

Supporting content

Modify a legacy build definition by using the Upgrade template. Change settings such as how much detail to include in the build log, which build agents process your build, and how much time is permitted before a build times out.

Modify how a legacy build runs by using the TfsBuild.proj file. Change settings such as which projects to include and how to run tasks as part of a build.

Set up an incremental build. Use the TfsBuild.proj file to set up an incremental build process.

Create a custom task to generate build numbers. Create a task that generates build numbers for each build and add the task to a TfsBuild.proj file.