AIF Sessions

In AIF, a session is a communication between an agent and a customer. A session can be associated with a phone call or, if there is no Computer-Telephony Interface (CTI), it might involve another means of communication. CCF can be configured to permit only one session at a time or to allow multiple, concurrent sessions. Session management allows agents to handle multiple customer sessions simultaneously on different channels without losing or intermingling the context or state of each session. AIF lets applications share information and events, so that changes (for example, a newly added service or a new customer phone number) entered in one pane can be propagated to other hosted applications. However, the state and customer data for each session is independent of other sessions.

CCF provides a Session Manager and Session classes in the Session.cs code module. The Session Manager keeps track of active sessions, and the rest of the CCF desktop uses the active sessions for its operations. Each session has its own instance of the ApplicationHost class to manage applications, interactions between applications, and context.