A container in MCE defines the space in which a WorkUnit can operate by hosting its views in it. It is anything that implements an IMceContainer interface, and you can abstract the presentation concept from the actual visual representation of a view. MCE containers perform the critical task of registering with the engine during initialization. This sets up a context that is used to correlate container’s actions with the engine state.

You can also relate a container to other containers, by referencing it through the RelatedContainer property. This relating has implications on the registration and design time behavior of the container. You must ensure that you handle these two aspects before relating containers.

The container is usally the interaction point between the hosted application and the MCE. Hence, it is importance that you implement a container to the extent possible, which allows you to use all capabilities of the MCE engine.

Optionally, you can disable NLB support for MCE using a flag in the configuration file. For more information about MCE configuration files, see Hosting MCE Work units.

To disable NLB for MCE:

  1. Open the application configuration file (web.config).
  2. In the configuration file, add a section for Global Settings.
  3. In the <GlobalSettings> section, add a key “NLBSupport” and set it to “false”. Following is an example of the completed section:

        <add key="NLBSupport" value="false" />