Java Applications

The Application Inspector in CCF 2009 SP1 cannot inspect Java applications; hence, you should create DDA bindings manually. Java DDA uses Java accessibility through Java Accessibility Bridge (JAB) for Windows to access java functions through Windows. Sun Microsystems, which also the JAB for Windows, provides a tools set to access a Java application’s accessibility information. You can use applications such as Java Monkey and Java Ferret to inspect Java applications. You can download Java Monkey and Java Ferret from the Sun website to inspect java applications. You can also download JAB for Windows including the Monkey and Ferret application from the Sun website.

The following figure displays Java Monkey with the accessibility tree of the Java application (SwingSet) next to it. For each node the Java Monkey provides detaild accessibility information (dialog on top) .


To create the bindings for a Java application, you must use the tags listed in the JavaDDA section to navigate through the tree. The sample below navigates to the first button with the name “Show Input Dialog”.

                  <JAccControl name=”ShowInuptDialogButton”>
<NextName>Show Input Dialog</NextName>