We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Worksheet: Team Foundation Server and SharePoint Products Collaboration

Visual Studio 2010

You can use the following worksheet to collaborate with the administrator of the SharePoint Products site that will host the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server portal. 

To set up SharePoint Products to host the team project portal, the administrator for SharePoint Products requires the following information:


Administrator for SharePoint Products requires this information:

Service account of Team Foundation Server



Account that will be used to install the application tier for Team Foundation 


Data sources account of Team Foundation Server



Password for data sources account of Team Foundation Server



Active Directory group that contains all users of Team Foundation Server who may require access to the team project portal*


*This information is required only for collaboration with administrators of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise, which require additional configurations for Team Foundation Server dashboard compatibility.

To finish configuring Team Foundation Server, the administrator for SharePoint Products must complete the following table and return it to the administrator for Team Foundation Server.


Administrator for Team Foundation Server requires this information:

The root URL for the SharePoint Web application.

This URL must include any relative path that is configured on the server that is running SharePoint Products to Team Foundation Server.

For example, you could create a Web application on port 80 and use the default managed path for SharePoint Products, which is named "sites." In that case, the root URL for Team Foundation Server would be http://WSSServername:80/sites

In this example, WSSServername is the server name of the SharePoint Products site, 80 is the port number, and /sites is the managed path or site collection under which you want team project portals created.


The URL for SharePoint Central Administration


The name of the enterprise application definition.