Showing the IntelliTrace Window and Toolbar

Visual Studio 2010

This topic applies to Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate only.

The IntelliTrace toolbar is hidden by default. The IntelliTrace window is visible by default but can be hidden if you want to reduce clutter. This topic describes how to hide and show these elements. For information about IntelliTrace, see Debugging with IntelliTrace.

By default, the IntelliTrace window appears in the same location as Solution Explorer and Team Explorer. You can hide the window by closing it using the standard close method.

To show the IntelliTrace window

  • On the Debug menu, point to IntelliTrace, and then click IntelliTrace Events or IntelliTrace Calls. This menu command is only available when are you are debugging.


    The IntelliTrace window can be moved, docked, undocked, or hidden. For complete information about how to move and dock windows, see How to: Arrange and Dock Windows.

For information about how to use the IntelliTrace window, see Navigating with IntelliTrace.

The IntelliTrace toolbar provides an alternative way of accessing IntelliTrace commands that are available in the Debug menu and the navigation gutter. It is not displayed by default.

To show or hide the IntelliTrace toolbar

  • On the View menu, point to Toolbars, and then click IntelliTrace.

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