This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Search Errors Format

SharePoint Portal Server 2001

There are several types of errors that can be reported through WebDAV. The following is a list of HTTP status return codes that apply:

207 Multi-Status
Indicates that the HTTP transfer was successful and data is available in the content block. Errors are reported in the content block.
303 See Other
The server requests that the client redirect the search request. This is given when the search scope cannot be accessed by the server, but the server knows another way to access the scope.
400 Bad Request
The request could not be processed due to an error in the request headers, or in the content. The XML request might not be well-formed, or there might have been an error in the search scope specification, or the server might be requesting that the search be redirected. This error response may include an XML multistatus element in the content block, describing the error in more detail. For further information about these errors, see Search Error Messages.
401 Unauthorized
The requested search was not allowed because of authorization restrictions.
422 Unprocessable Entity
The query could not be processed due to an error in the XML content block. The XML may have been well-formed, but might have included query features that are not supported or have not been implemented.
425 Insufficient Space on Resource
The server did not have the resources to perform the request, or the server did not have the resources to transmit the results. The response will include the multistatus XML content block. However, the response might not include all the results.
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