This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Documentation Roadmap

SharePoint Portal Server 2001

Users can view Help documentation from the User's Help page in the workspace or from the Tours and User's Help quick link on the default home page of the dashboard site. There is an additional link to Help documentation from the Getting Started page in the Management folder, which is accessible to the users who administer the workspace. A link to Getting Started is also on the default home page of the dashboard site.

Documentation Provided with SharePoint Portal Server

Managing Content.   An overview of the product along with information about planning and configuring the workspace and the dashboard site.

Planning and Installation.   Basic information about installation, product use, and features.

Administrator's Help.   Online documentation providing information about SharePoint Portal Server Administration in Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Additional information is provided about maintenance, performance, and troubleshooting.

Dashboard Site Help.   Online documentation providing information about configuring and managing the dashboard site and searching for and using documents.

User's Help.   Online documentation providing procedures for configuring and using the workspace. Describes how to use Web folders to access SharePoint Portal Server.

SharePoint Portal Server Tours.   An introduction to SharePoint Portal Server, highlighting key document management and search features.

Readme.   Important information that may not be covered in other documentation.

Product Overview for International Customers.   An overview of the product for use in countries/regions that do not have a localized version of SharePoint Portal Server.

Information about Related Microsoft Technologies

Other Microsoft SDKs provide background and information about programming the platform technologies that Microsoft® SharePoint™ Portal Server 2001 uses. The following links access online content from the MSDN Library, and require an active Internet connection.

Note   Some of the preceding links may be unavailable or may have been moved after the release of this document. If you encounter problems with the links, search MSDN Online.

SharePoint Portal Server provides enhancements to previous versions of the content indexing, search, and IFilter registration technologies. For this reason, when programming for use with SharePoint Portal Server, the SharePoint Portal Server documentation should be considered authoritative.

Getting Related Information from Non-Microsoft Sites

The following link provides information about relevant Internet standards and other useful information:

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