This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ScriptQuote Element

SharePoint Team Services 1.1

The ScriptQuote element is used to encode a string to fit within JavaScript code. This element is used for rendering text from the server that must be interpreted as a quoted string.


  NotAddingQuote = "TRUE" | "FALSE">


NotAddingQuoteOptional Boolean. TRUE to eliminate quotation marks for enclosing a string. The default value is FALSE.

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The ScriptQuote element performs the following conversions on its body text:

  • converts " to \"
  • converts \ to \\
  • converts CR to \r\CR (where CR is character code 13)


The code <ows:ScriptQuote>This is a test</ows:ScriptQuote> renders "This is a test" since NotAddingQuote is not set to TRUE. But the code <ows:ScriptQuote NotAddingQuote="TRUE">This is a test</ows:ScriptQuote> renders This is a test, without quotation marks, since NotAddingQuote is set to TRUE. Note that in the second case the string is not surrounded by quotation marks.