This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Error Messages

SharePoint Portal Server 2001

The following table shows error messages for the subscription management objects, with a brief description for each.

PKM_E_NPI_DUPLICATE_SUBSCRIPTION0x80043109Subscription already exists for specified item.
PKM_E_NPI_FAIL0x80043107Failure in the Subscriptions plug-in.
PKM_E_NPI_NOT_INITIALIZED0x80043108The Subscriptions plug-in was not initialized.
PKM_E_NPI_SUBSCRIPTIONS_DISABLED0x8004310aSubscriptions disabled for this workspace.
PKM_SUBS_E_FAILED_IN_PQS0x80043106Subscription could not be created due to failure in Persistent Query Engine. Can indicate syntax error in the PQS query, or that PQS ran out of memory.
PKM_SUBS_E_RESULTSTORE_NOT_INITIALIZED0x80043103Subscription result store was not initialized. Check that the Search, Exchange, and SharePoint Portal Server (MSDMServ) services are started.
PKM_SUBS_E_USER_SUBSCRIPTIONS_QUOTA_EXCEEDED0x80043104User subscription quota was exceeded.
PKM_SUBS_E_WORKSPACE_SUBSCRIPTIONS_QUOTA_EXCEEDED0x80043105Workspace subscription quota was exceeded.