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Class Library

SharePoint 2003

This section provides descriptions of the .NET managed namespaces that are included in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.


The following table shows the namespaces of Windows SharePoint Services and provides a brief description of each.

Namespace Description
Microsoft.HTMLTrans.Interface Allows you to write custom applications that can create an HTML version of documents stored on a server running Windows SharePoint Services for users who do not have the required client application or viewer installed on their computers.
Microsoft.SharePoint Provides types and members for working with a top-level site and its subsites or lists.
Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration Used for managing the server or server farm in a deployment of Windows SharePoint Services.
Microsoft.SharePoint.Dsp Provides the base class for the data retrieval service adapters used in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.
Microsoft.SharePoint.Dsp.OleDb Provides the data retrieval service adapter for performing queries against OLE DB data sources.
Microsoft.SharePoint.Dsp.SoapPT Provides the data retrieval service adapter for performing pass-through queries against arbitrary Web services.
Microsoft.SharePoint.Dsp.Sts Provides the data retrieval service adapter for performing queries against sites, lists, and document libraries in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.
Microsoft.SharePoint.Dsp.XmlUrl Provides the data retrieval service adapter for performing queries against arbitrary XML data sources.
Microsoft.SharePoint.Meetings Provides types and members that can be used to customize Meeting Workspace sites.
Microsoft.SharePoint.Security Provides a set of code access permission and attribute classes designed to protect a specific set of resources and operations, such as access to the Windows SharePoint Services object model, the ability to do unsafe saving on HTTP Gets, and enabling point-to-point WebPart connections.
Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer Contains classes that implement the Windows SharePoint Services Web Service and Web services for working with Web Part pages and Web Parts. In most cases, the members of these classes are not designed to be called from the server but remotely from client applications.
Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities Used for various purposes, including encoding strings and processing user information.
Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls Provides server controls that are used on site and list pages in a SharePoint site. Its major class is SPControl, from which other controls in this namespace are derived.

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