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StssyncHandler Control

BrowserType Enumeration

SharePoint 2003

The BrowserType enumeration specifies the browser type to target in converting a document to HTML.


The BrowserType parameter of the CHICreateHtml method of the IHtmlTrLauncher interface accepts a value from the BrowserType enumeration.


The following table shows the members of the BrowserType enumeration and gives a brief description of each.

Name Description
BT_IE3 Target browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 level browsers and earlier.
BT_IE4 Target browser is Internet Explorer 4.0 level browsers and later.
BT_UNKNOWN Target browser is unknown.


For a code example that demonstrates the use of the IHtmlTrLoadBalancer and IHtmlTrLauncher interfaces, including the BrowserType enumeration, see the CHICreateHtml method.


Namespace: Microsoft.HtmlTrans.Interface

Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Assembly: Microsoft HtmlTrans Interface (in Microsoft.HtmlTrans.Interface.dll)

Security: Code Access Security

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