This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Deprecated CAML Elements

SharePoint 2003

The following elements and attributes used in SharePoint Team Services from Microsoft v1 are deprecated in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services:


  • HTTPHeader
  • InNavBar
  • InheritsPermissions
  • QueryInfo
  • SortSelect
  • ChoiceOptions
  • Cmd
  • ExpandXML
  • FormLayoutEdit
  • MetaKey
  • ToUpper
  • ViewColPicker
  • ViewStyles


  • PageType
  • ReqAuth
  • Created
  • DefaultViewUrl
  • DocTemplateUrl
  • Ext
  • Formats
  • Modified
  • NumeralShapes
  • NumeralShapes
  • PIN
  • Time24

Differences in page execution

Unlike the previous version of this product, CAML islands cannot be directly used on pages within the site, which now depend on ASP.NET for execution. Web Parts replace CAML views in the display of list data on these pages.