This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Data Element

SharePoint 2003

A top-level CAML element that is used to specify sets of data. In SCHEMA.XML files (in each of the Web Server Extensions/.../ LISTS subfolders), it specifies a default set of data for a newly created list. In the FLDTYPES.XML file (Web Server Extensions/.../XML folder), it is used to specify sets of data used in the definition of fields.



Element Relationships

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The following selection, from the end of the SCHEMA.XML file for announcements lists, defines default text for the home page of a Web site.

        <Field Name="Title">Welcome to your new team web site!</Field>
        <Field Name="Body">You can use this site to share information with
        members of the site. To add a new announcement, click "Add new announcement"
        above. This is a great way to communicate news with your team.</Field>
        <Field Name="Author"><ows:UserID/></Field>
        <Field Name="Editor"><ows:UserID/></Field>
        <Field Name="owshiddenversion">0</Field>
        <Field Name="Expires"><ows:TodayISO/></Field>