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SPFile.SPCheckOutStatus Enumeration
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SPFile.SPCheckOutStatus Enumeration

SharePoint 2003

The SPCheckOutStatus enumeration specifies the check-out status for a file in a document library.


The following table shows the members of the SPCheckOutStatus enumeration and provides a brief description of each.

Name Description
LongTerm Specifies that the check-out is long-term.
None Specifies that the file is not checked out.
ShortTerm Specifies that the file has been opened by a user and is locked for editing. A short-term check-out, or file-locking, only has effect as long as the application renews the lock.


Namespace: Microsoft.SharePoint

Platforms: Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Assembly: Microsoft.SharePoint (in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll)

Security: Code Access Security

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