This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest.Extension Namespace

This namespace provides classes for testing user interface functionality, including controls, properties, web browser, and dialog actions.

Public classActionNotSupportedOnDisabledControlExceptionRepresents an exception that is caused when a control is blocked.
Public classActionParameterRepresents a parameter that is used to set values and to send key strokes in code.
Public classAndConditionRepresents an AND condition for a query.
Public classBrowserFactoryProvides a base class for browser factories that create BrowserService objects for specific browsers.
Public classBrowserHelperProvides a base class for browser helper methods.
Public classBrowserServiceProvides methods and properties to automate the browser Microsoft Test Manager.
Public classContextEntryContains the definition of the context part of an action log entry.
Public classDecodingFailedExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when a decoding operation fails because of an incorrect key file.
Public classEntryContains the definition of Entry class. This can be used to store a value and its type.
Public classFailedToLaunchApplicationExceptionThe exception that is thrown when LaunchApplicationAction fails.
Public classFailedToPerformActionOnBlockedControlExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a user interface (UI) control is blocked (for example, a control may be blocked by a modal dialog box).
Public classFailedToPerformActionOnHiddenControlExceptionThe exception that is thrown when the EnsureVisibleByScrolling method fails.
Public classFilterCondition
Public classInvalidUITestExtensionPackageExceptionThe exception that is thrown when an invalid user interface (UI test) extension package is encountered during recording or playback.
Public classOrderOfInvokeRepresents a helper class that generates the order of invocation during recording and maintains the order of invocation during playback.
Public classPlaybackFailureExceptionRepresents an exception that is thrown when a UITestAction fails.
Public classPropertyConditionRepresents a query condition for a property.
Public classQueryConditionProvides an abstract base class for query conditions.
Public classQueryElementProvides a base class for a query in the user interface (UI) test environment.
Public classSearchConfigurationProvides helper functionality to configure search.
Public classTechnologyNotSupportedExceptionThis exception is thrown when test recording or playback is not supported on the application that is tested.
Public classUITechnologyElementProvides a base class for implementing a UI test technology element for recording and playing back tests.
Public classUITechnologyManagerProvides an abstract base class for technology managers that is used during test recording and playback.
Public classUITestActionLogEntryContains the definition of UITestActionLogEntry.
Public classUITestControlNotAvailableExceptionThe exception that is thrown when the UI test framework attempts to access a UI element that is no longer available or cannot be accessed.
Public classUITestControlNotFoundExceptionThe exception that is thrown when the user interface (UI) test framework attempts to access a UI test control that cannot be found.
Public classUITestControlNotVisibleExceptionThe exception that is thrown when the UI test framework attempts to access a UI element that cannot be seen by the user.
Public classUITestExceptionRepresents the base class for all UI test exceptions.
Public classUITestExtensionPackageRepresents an abstract class that enables the incorporation of third-party testing utilities into the Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) user interface (UI) test environment.
Public classUITestExtensionPackageAttributeRepresents the attribute that must be applied to an assembly that implements the UITestExtensionPackage class and helps the assembly to quickly find the extension package. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classUITestMediaEventInfoRepresents event arguments for action on media controls.
Public classUITestTraceUtilityProvides static helper properties and methods for tracing in UI tests and Test Runner.
Public classValidationFailedExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when a ValidationAction fails.
Public classValueMapRepresents the values for the parameters that are used in a UI test.

Public interfaceILastInvocationInfoProvides an interface to obtain additional information from the UITechnologyManager.GetLastInvocationInfo method about the last action or search operation.
Public interfaceIQueryConditionInfrastructure. Provides an internal interface definition for a QueryCondition.
Public interfaceIQueryElementInfrastructure. Provides an internally used interface for the QueryElement.
Public interfaceIUISynchronizationWaiterProvides an internal interface for the UI test framework to wait before raising an event.
Public interfaceIUITechnologyElementProvides an internal interface to implement the UITechnologyElement class. Do not implement this interface directly. Instead, derive from the UITechnologyElement class.
Public interfaceIUITechnologyManagerInfrastructure. Provides an internal interface to implement the UITechnologyManager class. Do not implement this interface directly. Instead, derive from the UITechnologyManager class.
Public interfaceIUITestEventNotifyInfrastructure. Provides an interface to be implemented by the test recording and playback engine and consumed by IUITechnologyManager objects to implement callback notifications.
Public interfaceIUniformResourceLocatorInterface used for getting the URL of pinned site shortcuts.

Public enumerationBrowserButtonTypeIndicates the types of browser button.
Public enumerationBrowserDialogActionIndicates the kind of element in a browser dialog window.
Public enumerationCheckUncheckOptionsThis enumeration provides flags to configure the check/clear options for check boxes and option buttons.
Public enumerationControlStatesEnumerates the bitwise combination of flags that indicate the states for a control.
Public enumerationControlSupportThis enumeration is used to specify the possible return values for the level of support for an element by an IUITechnologyManager component.
Public enumerationElementForThumbnailCaptureEnum indicating which control's vicinity to capture during an event.
Public enumerationExpandCollapseOptionsRepresents the flags that are used to configure, expand, and collapse actions for elements in the user interface.
Public enumerationGetClickablePointFromOptionThis enumeration provides settings that indicate how a clickable point is obtained by the [M:Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UITest.Extension.UITechnologyElement.GetClickablePoint(]System.Int32@,System.Int32@[)] method.
Public enumerationMediaActionTypeEvents supported by Media controls.
Public enumerationNativeControlTypeKindRepresents the kinds of native control values.
Public enumerationProgrammaticActionOptionThis enumeration provides the options for invoking a programmatic action with the UITechnologyElement.InvokeProgrammaticAction method.
Public enumerationPropertyConditionOperatorProvides operators for PropertyExpression objects.
Public enumerationRightToLeftKindUsed by the GetRightToLeftProperty method to test whether an element has right-to-left layout orientation or right-to-left text orientation.
Public enumerationScrollAmountUsed to indicate a scroll direction for a scrollbar and whether to move by the large amount or small amount of the scrollbar, or by no amount.
Public enumerationScrollDirectionThis enumeration provides indications of direction that are used to configure scrolling in the UI.
Public enumerationScrollOptionsThis enumeration provides options that are used to configure scrolling in the UI.
Public enumerationSetValueAsComboBoxOptionsRepresents the flag values for configuring how to set the value of a ComboBox.
Public enumerationSetValueAsEditBoxOptionsRepresents the flag values for configuring how to set the value of an EditBox.
Public enumerationSmartMatchOptionsThis enumeration lets you communicate how the IUITechnologyManager instructs the framework to search for the most likely results when a match cannot be found.
Public enumerationUISynchronizationOptionsThis enumeration is used by the UITechnologyElement.SetOption method for the UITechnologyElementOption.UISynchronizationOptions option.
Public enumerationUITechnologyElementOptionIdentifies the options that are available in an IUITechnologyElement object where each name briefly describes the purpose of the value of the option it represents.
Public enumerationUITechnologyManagerPropertyThis enumeration is used by implementations of the IUITechnologyManager interface to specify the options that are available to configure properties of the IUITechnologyManager. For more information about extending the technology manager, see Extending Coded UI Tests and Action Recordings to Support Microsoft Excel
Public enumerationUITestElementKindThis enumeration is used by IUITechnologyElement objects to identify the kind of UI element.
Public enumerationUITestEventTypeThis enumeration is used by Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) through the IVsUIEventSink interface to specify the type of testing event that has been raised.
Public enumerationWaitForReadyLevelThis enumeration is used to specify how calls to the UITechnologyElement.WaitForReady method are executed.
Public enumerationWaitForReadyOptionsThis enumeration is used to indicate how the framework waits for ready.