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Determines whether one number is less than another.

template<typename T, typename U>  
inline bool SafeLessThan (  
   const T t,  
   const U u  
) throw ();  


[in] t
The first number. This must be of type T.

[in] u
The second numer. This must be of type U.

true if t is less than u; otherwise false.

This method enhances the standard comparison operator because SafeLessThan enables you to compare two different types of number.

This method is part of SafeInt Library and is designed for a single comparison operation without creating an instance of the SafeInt Class.

System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

This method should only be used when a single mathematical operation must be protected. If there are multiple operations, you should use the SafeInt class rather than calling the individual stand-alone functions.

For more information about the template types T and U, see SafeInt Functions.

Header: safeint.h

Namespace: Microsoft::Utilities

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