Web Application Sample

The Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit SDK includes a sample application called "MakeYourWebSiteSocial". This sample illustrates the following functionality:

  • Windows Live Messenger UI Controls.
  • Using the Windows Live Messenger Library with UI Controls.
  • Windows Live ID Delegated Authentication.
  • Application contacts.
  • Cross-page navigation.
  • The JavaScript loader.

The sample is a simple photo-sharing site. The primary purpose of the sample application is to demonstrate the Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit. It is not meant to be a fully functional photo site.

To learn more about the sample application:

  1. Download the Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit SDK.
  2. Extract the SDK files.
  3. Open the WebToolkit\MakeYourWebSiteSocial folder in the extracted files.
  4. Open the StartHere.htm file in your browser