LOGURL Element

The LOGURL element instructs Windows Media Player to submit any log data to the specified URL.

   HREF = "URL"


HREF (required)

URL to a host that is able to process logging requests.

Parent/Child Elements

Hierarchy Elements
Parent elementsASX, ENTRY
Child elementsNone



The LOGURL element enables a client metafile playlist to send additional logging information to specified servers. Logging information is automatically sent to the origin server of a playlist when it is opened and to each LOGURL specified for the ASX element, if any are present. Logging information is also sent to each LOGURL specified for an ENTRY element when that entry is reached. The URL specified in the HREF attribute of a LOGURL element must be the address of a host that is able to process logging requests. The URL can be any valid HTTP URL. The URL can also indicate the location of a CGI script.

The only valid protocols for a LOGURL element are HTTP and HTTPS.

A LOGURL element within the scope of an ASX element is applicable only to the metafile in which it resides, regardless of whether that metafile is referenced from another metafile. A LOGURL element forces the submission of log data for all content streamed from within its defined scope and only for content streamed from within its defined scope. Log data will be submitted to the origin server and to all URLs listed in every LOGURL element in scope. Log data will be submitted only once to each listed URL, even if the same URL is listed more than once in a given scope. A repeat of an ENTRY would result in another submission to the listed URLs.

There is no limit to the number of LOGURL elements in a metafile playlist.


  <TITLE>Example Media Player Show</TITLE>
  <LOGURL HREF="http://example.microsoft.com/info/showlog.asp?whatsup" />
    <REF href="mms://ucast.proseware.com/Media1.asf" />
    <LOGURL HREF="http://www.proseware.com/cgi-bin/logging.pl?SomeArg=SomeVal"/>

The following are examples of valid URLs.

URL of an ISAPI application:


URL of a CGI script:


A valid HTTP URL:




Windows Media Player version 70 or later

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