Add comments to metafiles by following Extensible Markup Language (XML) syntax. Comments begin with "<!--" and end with "-->".

<!--Enter your comment text here.-->


Comments can appear anywhere except within element content (between element open and close tags, < >). They are not part of the document's character data and are ignored when the metafile is parsed.


<ASX version = "3.0">
<!-- This information is only visible when editing a metafile file. -->
<!--<BANNER HREF="c:\wmsdk\wmssdk\samples\dhtml\asfbutton3.gif">
        <REF HREF = "mms://" />

        <TITLE>WMA Port na Pucai</TITLE>
        <!--<DURATION VALUE="00:00:15"/>-->
        <REF href="c:\asfroot\Port na Pucai.wma"/>

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