BANNER Element

BANNER Element

The BANNER element defines a URL to a graphic file that will appear in the display panel.

   HREF = "URL"


HREF (required)

URL to a graphic file that is displayed in the display panel.

Parent/Child Elements

Hierarchy Elements
Parent elementsASX, ENTRY



This element defines a URL to a graphic file that appears in the Windows Media Player display panel, beneath the video content. If the media is audio only, the banner graphic is displayed by itself. Windows Media Player reserves a space 32 pixels high by 194 pixels wide (the banner bar) for the graphic. If the graphic defined in the URL is smaller than that, it displays at its original size. If the graphic is larger than the reserved space, Windows Media Player will crop the image to fit the space.

You can use an ABSTRACT element within the scope of the BANNER element to display text as a ToolTip when the user pauses the mouse pointer over the banner graphic. A MOREINFO element within a BANNER element defines a URL to which the user is taken when the user clicks the banner graphic. (The URL can be any path or protocol, such as an email link, a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) URL to a website, or even a Microsoft JScript command.) When the pointer is moved over the graphic, the graphic becomes embossed and looks like a button.

A BANNER element defined for an ASX element displays while all clips in the playlist are playing. A BANNER element defined in an ENTRY element displays only while that clip is playing, and during that time overrides any banner defined within the parent ASX element. You can specify how Windows Media Player reserves space for the banner by setting the BANNERBAR attribute of the ASX element.

Banner images are not supported with DRM files or when Windows Media Player is embedded in a webpage.


The following is an example of a BANNER element without child elements:


The following is an example of a BANNER element containing ABSTRACT and MOREINFO elements.

    <ABSTRACT>Click here to go to our website.</ABSTRACT>
    <MOREINFO HREF="" />
    <!-- The text in the Abstract element displays as a 
         ToolTip when the mouse hovers over the banner 
         graphic. When a user clicks the banner, the URL 
         given in the MoreInfo element opens in the 
         browser. -->



Windows Media Player version 7.0 or later

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