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Accessing Raw SOAP Messages in ASP.NET Web Services
All About ASMX 2.0, WSE 3.0, and WCF
Developing .NET Web Services with Beta 2
Improving Web Service Interoperability
Increase Your App's Reach Using WSDL to Combine Multiple Web Services
Migrating to WSE 3.0
Run ASMX Without IIS
Secure It: WS-Security and Remoting Channel Sinks Give Message-Level Security to Your SOAP Packets
Securing Web Services with WSE 2.0
Techniques for Contract-First Development
WSE Security: Protect Your Web Services Through The Extensible Policy Framework In WSE 3.0
XML Files: Web Services Encoding and More
XML Files: XML Namespace Collisions, XmlNodeList and Deserialization, and More
XML Files: All About Blogs and RSS
XML Files: A Survey of Publicly Available Web Services at Microsoft
XML Files: WS-Policy and WSE 2.0 Assertion Handlers
XML Files: XML Report from PDC 2003

At Your Service

Performance Considerations for Making Web Service Calls from ASPX Pages
The Power of XmlElement Parameters in ASP.NET Web Methods
Adding a Progress Bar to Your Web Service Client Application
Versioning Options
Server-Side Asynchronous Web Methods
Using SOAP Faults
Asynchronous Web Service Calls over HTTP with the .NET Framework
Splitting up WSDL: The Importance of targetNamespace
Using ASP.NET Session State in a Web Service
Sharing Types
Digging into SOAP Headers with the .NET Framework
Microsoft SOAP Toolkit Type Mappers
Merging Web Service Results
XML Web Service Caching Strategies
Evolving an Interface
XML Web Services and the MSDN Pencil Company
Building Clients That Use Industry Standard WSDL
Building XML Web Services Using Industry Standardized WSDLs
Building Industry Standard WSDL
DIME: Sending Binary Data with Your SOAP Messages
A Sneak Peak at Favorites Phase II
Debugging Production Problems in Your XML Web Service
Designing Your Web Service for Maximum Interoperability
Real SOAP Security
Large Data Strategies
Web Service Description and Discovery Using UDDI, Part II
Web Service Description and Discovery Using UDDI, Part I
Defending Your XML Web Service against Hackers, Part II
Defending Your XML Web Service against Hackers, Part I
Interoperability Testing
A Sneak Peek at New Services from Cold Rooster Consulting
Documenting Your Web Service
Physical Architecture
Designing the Contract
Licensee Requirements from Dev, Test, and Ops
Authentication and Authorization
User Privacy
Defining the Vision
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