CAccPropServicesClass.DecomposeHmenuIdentityString Method (Byte, UInt32, _RemotableHandle, UInt32)

.NET Framework (current version)

This API supports the .NET Framework infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

The CAccPropServicesClass and all of its exposed members are part of a managed wrapper for the Component Object Model (COM) IAccPropServices interface.

Namespace:  Accessibility
Assembly:  Accessibility (in Accessibility.dll)

public virtual void DecomposeHmenuIdentityString(
	ref byte pIDString,
	uint dwIDStringLen,
	out _RemotableHandle phmenu,
	out uint pidChild


Type: System.Byte

Pointer to a buffer containing identity string of an HMENU-based accessible element.

Type: System.UInt32

Specifies the length of the identity string specified by pIDString.

Type: Accessibility._RemotableHandle

Pointer to a buffer that receives the HMENU of the accessible element.

Type: System.UInt32

Pointer to a buffer that receives the child ID of the accessible element.


IAccPropServices.DecomposeHmenuIdentityString(Byte, UInt32, _RemotableHandle, UInt32)

For more information, see the Microsoft Active Accessibility documentation in the MSDN library at

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