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Group Class

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[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0]

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Defines a group in the site map.

The Group class exposes the following members.

GroupInitializes a new instance of the Group class.

Instance MethodDescription
AddDescriptionAdds a description to the set of descriptions for the group.
AddTitleAdds a localized title to the set of titles for the group.

Instance PropertyDescription
DescriptionResourceIdGets or sets the ID for the set of localized descriptions for a group.
DescriptionsGets the set of localized descriptions for a group.
IconGets or sets the file system path of an icon image that is to be displayed next to the group title.
IdGets or sets the identifier for the group.
IsProfileGets or sets a value that indicates whether a group represents a user selectable profile for the Workplace.
LicenseGets or sets the license required for the group to be displayed in the site map.
ResourceIdGets or sets the resource ID for a group.
TitlesGets the set of localized titles for a group.
UrlGets or sets the URL to display for the Microsoft Office Outlook folder that represents the Group in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook.


For more information, see the SiteMap XML Reference.


Namespace: Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.IsvReadiness.SupportingItems.SiteMap

Assembly: Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.IsvReadiness.dll

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