Customizing the Registration Experience

Customizing the Registration Experience

This topic describes functionality that will be obsolete. This functionality is provided only to support legacy applications. Live Connect incorporates features that provide equivalent functionality.

[Customized registration is deprecated. New integrations of this feature are no longer supported.]

In addition to customize the sign-in experience, you can also customize the registration experience for new users who have not yet created a Windows Live ID account. You can do this in several ways:

  • Thematically, by changing the fonts, colors, and images that appear on the registration pages.
  • Contextually, by selecting a registration flow. A registration flow determines what information users must provide when creating a Windows Live ID, and how users are asked for that information.

The following figure shows the default registration page that users see when they want to sign up for a Windows Live ID. Note that not all of the registration questions appear in this example.


The following table lists the data that is captured during the registration process.

Registration data Description

Create a Windows Live ID

Enables the user to create a new e-mail address or use an existing address.

Choose your password

Enables the user to set a password and confirm it. Also provides an indication of how strong the password is.

Password reset information

Collects an alternate e-mail address to which the Windows Live ID service can send messages relating to password changes. Also asks the user to select a question and answer to help confirm identity.

User information

Captures the user's first and last name, year of year, gender, country or region, state, and zip code.

User protection

Displays an image of characters that the user must type in to confirm that he or she is a person and not an automated program.

Accept agreements

Enables users to view the Microsoft service agreement and privacy statement. To complete the registration, a user must click the Accept button in this section.

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