Understanding Registration Flows

This topic describes functionality that will be obsolete. This functionality is provided only to support legacy applications. Live Connect incorporates features that provide equivalent functionality.

[Customized registration is deprecated. New integrations of this feature are no longer supported.]

Windows Live ID Web Authentication supports two methods of user registration. These methods are called registration flows.

The default registration flow is called the Credential and Profile Registration Flow. When a user creates a new Windows Live ID by using this flow, the registration page requires the user to supply profile information. Profile information refers to information such as a user's first and last name, gender, and location.

As a Web Authentication implementation, your site does not have access to a user's profile information. The only information that the Windows Live ID service returns to you is an identifier that verifies that the user provided a valid Windows Live ID user name and password. You can use this identifier to associate a given user with other information about that user, but you must request that information separately from the Windows Live ID registration process.

You cannot access a user's profile information because the user is providing that information to Windows Live, and not to your site. The Microsoft privacy policy does not allow Microsoft to share user profile information with third-party sites.

If your site requires additional information from users when they first register, you can shorten the registration process by selecting the Credential Only Registration Flow. In this flow, the user is asked only to create a new Windows Live ID user name and password. Using this registration option on your site results in a more streamlined experience for users than is available with the default flow.

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