Working with Phase One Capture One

Expression Studio 2.0

Microsoft Expression Media includes the ability to work closely with the Phase One Capture One raw image–processing application. If you have Capture One installed, you can perform the following integration tasks:

  • Open your Expression Media raw images in Capture One either by a shortcut menu command, or by dragging the images directly from your catalog into Capture One.

  • If you want to synchronize the look and feel of the applications, you can also change the default appearance of the Expression Media interface to match that of the Capture One interface.

Capture One also includes special features to facilitate integration with Expression Media, including creating an Expression Media catalog from selected images from a Capture One session. For more information about those features, refer to the Capture One documentation.

To open a catalog image in Capture One

  1. In any view, select the image or images in your catalog that you want to open in Capture One.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Right-click a selected image, and then, on the shortcut menu, click Open With Capture One.

    • On the Action menu, point to Open With and click Capture One.

    • Drag the selected images to an open session in Capture One.

To change the default colors of Expression Media to match Capture One

  1. On the Window menu, click View Options.

  2. On the AutoFill menu, Dd547502.66a7a37b-b137-40f4-a54f-6888844b6cb0(en-us,Expression.10).jpg click Capture One.

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