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scheduler_resource_allocation_error Class


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This class describes an exception thrown because of a failure to acquire a critical resource in the Concurrency Runtime.

class scheduler_resource_allocation_error : public std::exception;

Public Constructors

scheduler_resource_allocation_error::scheduler_resource_allocation_error ConstructorOverloaded. Constructs a scheduler_resource_allocation_error object.

Public Methods

scheduler_resource_allocation_error::get_error_code MethodReturns the error code that caused the exception.

This exception is typically thrown when a call to the operating system from within the Concurrency Runtime fails. The error code which would normally be returned from a call to the Win32 method GetLastError is converted to a value of type HRESULT and can be retrieved using the get_error_code method.



Header: concrt.h

Namespace: concurrency

Returns the error code that caused the exception.

HRESULT get_error_code() const throw();

Return Value

The HRESULT value of the error that caused the exception.

Constructs a scheduler_resource_allocation_error object.

    _In_z_ const char* _Message,
    HRESULT _Hresult) throw();

explicit _CRTIMP scheduler_resource_allocation_error(
    HRESULT _Hresult) throw();


A descriptive message of the error.

The HRESULT value of the error that caused the exception.

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