IThreadProxy Structure

An abstraction for a thread of execution. Depending on the SchedulerType policy key of the scheduler you create, the Resource Manager will grant you a thread proxy that is backed by either a regular Win32 thread or a user-mode schedulable (UMS) thread. UMS threads are supported on 64-bit operating systems with version Windows 7 and higher.

struct IThreadProxy;



IThreadProxy::GetId Method

Returns a unique identifier for the thread proxy.

IThreadProxy::SwitchOut Method

Disassociates the context from the underlying virtual processor root.

IThreadProxy::SwitchTo Method

Performs a cooperative context switch from the currently executing context to a different one.

IThreadProxy::YieldToSystem Method

Causes the calling thread to yield execution to another thread that is ready to run on the current processor. The operating system selects the next thread to be executed.

Thread proxies are coupled to execution contexts represented by the interface IExecutionContext as a means of dispatching work.

Header: concrtrm.h

Namespace: concurrency