agent::wait_for_all Method

Waits for all of the specified agents to complete their tasks.

_CRTIMP2 static void __cdecl wait_for_all(
   size_t _Count,
   __in_ecount(_Count) agent ** _PAgents,
   __out_ecount_opt(_Count) agent_status * _PStatus = NULL,
   unsigned int _Timeout = COOPERATIVE_TIMEOUT_INFINITE


The number of agent pointers present in the array _PAgents.


An array of pointers to the agents to wait for.


A pointer to an array of agent statuses. Each status value will represent the status of the corresponding agent when the method returns.


The maximum time for which to wait, in milliseconds.

An agent task is completed when the agent enters the agent_canceled or agent_done states.

If the parameter _Timeout has a value other than the constant COOPERATIVE_TIMEOUT_INFINITE, the exception operation_timed_out is thrown if the specified amount of time expires before the agent has completed its task.

Header: agents.h

Namespace: Concurrency

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