Step 8: Customize the Quiz

Step 8: Customize the Quiz


In the last part of the tutorial, you'll explore some ways to customize the quiz and expand on what you've already learned. For example, think about how the program creates random division problems for which the answer is never a fraction. To learn more, turn the timeLabel control a different color, and give the quiz taker a hint.

To customize the quiz

  • When only five seconds remain in a quiz, turn the timeLabel control red by setting its BackColor property (timeLabel.BackColor = Color.Red;). Reset the color when the quiz is over.

  • Give the quiz taker a hint by playing a sound when the correct answer is entered into a NumericUpDown control. (You must write an event handler for each control's ValueChanged() event, which fires whenever the quiz taker changes the control's value.)

To continue or review

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