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Getting Started Tutorials

Getting Started Tutorials

Whether you are new to Visual C# or Microsoft Visual Basic, or perhaps new to computer programming, this is the place to start. Getting Started Help is a series of sequential lessons that introduces you to Visual C# and Visual Basic, and the basics of programming. Have fun, and write some great software.

Tutorial 1: Create a Picture Viewer

Build a program that loads a picture from a file and displays it in a window. Learn how to drag controls like buttons and picture boxes on your form, set their properties, and use containers to smoothly resize the form. Get started writing code.

Tutorial 2: Create a Maze

Build a maze game, where the user moves the mouse pointer from start to finish without touching any walls. Learn how to lay out a form using a Panel container, build a maze using Label controls, write code to show a message box, set up event handlers for mouse events, make your program play sounds, and use classes to organize your code.

Tutorial 3: Create a Math Quiz

Build a timed math quiz game, where the player must answer four random arithmetic problems within a specified time. Learn how to generate random numbers using the Random class, trigger events using a Timer control, control program flow using if else statements, and perform basic arithmetic operations.

Tutorial 4: Create a Matching Game

Build a matching game, where the player must match pairs of hidden icons. Learn how to hold objects using a List object, use a foreach loop, keep track of a form's state using reference variables, build an event handler that you can use with multiple objects, and make a timer fire exactly once when started.

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