Creating a Workflow Project


Workflows, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) workflow services, custom activities, and custom activity designers can be created using Visual Studio project templates. This section describes how to create libraries and applications with the project templates available in Visual Studio.

The first four topics below describe how to use of the Workflow Templates found on the New Project window. These templates can be accessed by opening Visual Studio 2010 and selecting File -> New -> Project…, then the Workflow category from the Installed Templates section on the left, under either the Visual Basic or Visual C# node.

The last topic describes how to add workflow activities, designers and services or other Visual Studio items to an existing workflow (or other) project.

How to: Create a Workflow Console Application
Describes how to create a workflow console application.

How to: Create a WCF Workflow Service Application
Describes the steps required to create a WCF workflow service application.

How to: Create an Activity Library
Describes the steps to use to create an activity library in the Workflow Designer.

How to: Create an Activity Designer Library
Describes how to create designers that are tailored for multiple audiences.

How to: Add a New Item to a Workflow Project
Describes how to add additional workflow activities or designers and other Visual Studio items such as code activities to an existing project.

Designing Workflows

Using the Workflow Designer