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XML Schema Designer Tasks

This section describes how to complete common tasks with the XML Schema Designer tools.

How to: Create and Edit an XSD Schema File

Describes how to create a new XML Schema (XSD) file and then add content to the XSD file.

How to: Create an XML Document Based on an XSD Schema

Describes how to create an XML document based on XSD schema.

How to: Add Schema Set Search Result Nodes to the Workspace

Explains how to add nodes that are highlighted in the XML Schema Explorer as the result of a keyword search to the workspace.

How to: Switch Between Views and the XML Editor

Shows how to switch between the XML Schema Designer views and the XML Editor.

How to: Add Nodes to the Workspace from the XML Schema Explorer

Explains how to add nodes to the XML Schema Designer workspace from the XML Schema Explorer.

How to: Add Nodes to the Workspace from the Start View

Shows how to add global nodes to the workspace from the Start View.

How to: Get an Overview of a Schema Set Using the Graph View

Describes how to get an overview of your schema set using the Graph View.

How to: Examine the Content Model of Nodes Using the Content Model View

Describes how to explore your nodes using the Content Model View.

How to: Use the XML Schema Designer with XML Literals

Describes how to view schema associated with an XML literal.

How to: Print Diagrams from the Graph View and the Content Model View

Describes how to print a diagram from the Graph View or the Content Model View.

Sample XSD Files

Provides code listings for the sample XSD documents that are used in the task examples.

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