XML Editor Tasks


This section describes how to complete common tasks with the XML Editor.

In This Section

Walkthrough: Using XML Editor Features

Demonstrates how to use some of the XML Editor features.

How to: Select the XML Schemas to Use

Describes how to select the XML schema to use for validation.

How to: Create an XML Schema from an XML Document

Describes how to create an XML schema.

How to: Execute an XSLT Transformation from the XML Editor

Describes how to execute an XSLT transformation.

How to: Edit XML Files

Describes how to start editing XML files.

How to: Use XML Snippets.

Demonstrates how to use XML snippets that are included with XML Editor.

How to: Generate an XML Snippet From an XML Schema

Demonstrates how to generate an XML snippet from an XML Schema.

How to: Create XML Snippets.

Demonstrates how to create new XML snippets.

Walkthrough: Using XSLT IntelliSense

Demonstrates how to use XSLT IntelliSence feature.

Walkthrough: Using XSLT Hierarchy

Demonstrates how to debug a referenced style sheet.

Walkthrough: XSLT Profiler

Demonstrates how to create performance reports for XSLT code.