Using Chart Controls

This section provides an overview of the main concepts and features of the Chart controls.

Chart Elements

Describes the various chart elements, such as chart areas, legends, and series.

Chart Appearance

Describes how to customize the chart appearance using the properties in each chart element.

Coordinate System

Describes the coordinate systems used by various chart elements. Coordinate systems include absolute coordinates, relative coordinates, and axis coordinates.

3D Charts

Describes the 3D features and properties of the Chart control.

Data Binding and Manipulation

Describes the various methods for binding and manipulating data, including financial and statistical formulas.

Custom Properties

Describes the custom properties supported by the Series objects. These custom properties add to the existing appearance properties to enable you to customize the look and feel of your chart.

Chart Serialization

Describes how to use serialization to convert your charts into a format that you can save or transmit. You can save chart data and appearance properties and load them into the Chart control later.

Cursors, Zooming, and Scrolling

Describes how to give people the flexibility to zoom and scroll the data view by enabling cursors and selections. This is available only in Windows Forms applications.

Chart Printing

Describes how to print the chart using the Chart control's Printing property. This is available only in Windows Forms applications.